Blade Sharpening

Blade, Comb & Cutter Sharpening

To achieve the best cutting performance the blades (for clippers) and combs and cutters (for handpieces) need to be regularly sharpened.

To sharpen blades we use a process called lapping. Lapping is the method we use when we make the new blades, and because we use the same lapping machinery to sharpen your old blades as we do to make the new ones, you are left with a cutting edge which is as good as new.

Lapped blades provide a smoother, finer and long-lasting cutting edge. They also cut give a better finish by cutting more consistently and are more comfortable for the animal because they run slightly cooler.

To sharpen shearing combs and cutters we use a process called grinding. Grinding is a cost-effective method which leaves a sharp cutting edge ideal for shearing.

To have your blades, combs or cutters sharpened please send them along with a covering note to our Dursley factory. Prices can vary and are confirmed once the equipment is assesed, estimated costs can be seen here.