Born out of the heart of Lister’s heritage, the TALLYGRIP® utilises all of the benefits of no-nonsense plain bearing (oil bath) technology, using modern ultra light components which allow easy maintenance and ensures the long life of your gear.

Suitable for all types of shearer and all levels of use, but extremely suited to ‘dirty’ work. The new, improved oil bath technology in the TALLYGRIP means that it can be used for speed as well as those difficult jobs.

Is it time you had an oil change?


·         New, improved oil bath technology

·         Plain bearing design, allowing for easy maintenance and extra durability

·         New, slim-line barrel with durable flocking

·         Lightweight body and components

·         Low profile fork yokes to minimise drag for faster shearing

·         Back joint articulation is maximised, for greater manoeuvrability on first blows

·         High precision cogs to minimise noise and vibration

·         New, low profile durable joint guard



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